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Welcome to the Cultural Heritage Development Platform

The Cultural Heritage Development Platform is a source of knowledge, experiences and best practices about how to restore, develop, exploit and maintain large cultural heritage objects. This platform was created om january 1st 2015 with adding the results of the Manage+-programm. This platform is for open use, all content in this platform can be feerly used under reference to this platform.

You are invited to share your experience in developing cultural heritage sites on this platform: The following rules and guidlines apply: - All information presented on this platform will be free for use - This platform is not intended for commercial purposes, links to commercial websites are allowed if usefull - Experience added to this platform must be based on an actual cultural heritage site development project. adding to Methods, approaches and best practice section, obliges you to also add your site development project and an addition to the cultural heritages sites

Site Development Programs

  • The manage+ project deals with the management of regenerated cultural and industrial heritage sites in the post-investment phase.

Methods, aproaches and best practices

  • Cultural Heritage IT Framework The Cultural Heritage IT Framework is a set of tools, techniques, methods, experiences and best practices which can be used for making choices about using ICT-tools and solutions in developing, maintaining a cultural heritage site and bringing it to the greater public.
  • Knowledge Base A selection of useful articles and relevant information

Cultural Heritage Sites